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Italian Design meets the Middle East's taste in Planners One solutions. Starting from the careful study of space and its features, we create exclusive, fresh and rich proposals. From residential interiors to professional, commercial, and representative contexts, all environments find original and functional interpretations. We aim to enhance every space, increasing comfort and aesthetic impact. The creative fusion between Italian style and Middle Eastern elegance generates environments that strike with their unique and refined personality.

Personalized design for any kind of environment. Thanks to the collaboration with trusted local partners, we develop furnishing projects for residential, professional, and commercial interiors. Two of the greatest and most luxurious styles of the history, Arab and Italian, merges in solutions capable of enhancing style, functionality, and comfort. Work, family, health are at the center of our projects with an eclectic charm. Italian and Arab architectures merge into refined harmonies and luxury statements.
What We Do

We put our thirty years of experience at the service of furnishing and renovation projects for Middle Eastern customers. Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand, as in the best tradition of Made in Italy design. From concept to installation, we take care of the most prestigious design projects. Home, office, shop: we study unique solutions capable of enhancing any space. The cooperation between Italian design and Middle Eastern architecture generates interiors with a unique personality, class, and efficiency.

What is more personal and exciting than designing your home? Our team of architects and interior designers helps you design and build the house that reflect yourself, your personality and your unique taste. Starting from a consultancy to know and understand You and passing from an accurate survey, we will help you enhance and optimize your spaces. Together, we will achieve a unique balance between the beauty of the Made in Italy design and the fine and luxurious taste of the Middle Eastern culture and lifestyle, a harmony in the name of eclecticism and personalization. Your new house becomes an expression of You, the place where you belong, your Home. Welcoming, sophisticated, friendly, functional, beautiful: in a nutshell,
Formal yet creative, pragmatic yet comfortable: office furniture requires careful planning and a quality ergonomic design. Especially in the most prestigious and dynamic environments of the Middle East area. Creative agencies, professional studios, large companies, and small businesses: for Planners One each project is as unique as every Client is. We are available to design and build furniture for executive and operational offices, reception and waiting areas, meeting rooms, and much more. Transform the office into a functional space for the success of your business with Planners One. We help you create an aesthetic balance between Italian and Arab taste. Even with the practical turnkey contract formula.
Differentiate by maintaining high professionalism and quality of services. Pharmacies are a point of reference for local communities and intermediaries between citizens and the medical community. So, their furnishings must satisfy safety and functionality criteria, leaving room to answer aesthetic and visual merchandising criteria. Starting from an attentive consultation with the client, we develop innovative design ideas. The result is quality furnishings with a restyling of the spaces open to the public and reserved for staff. Counters, shelves, drawers, and display units: every detail of the pharmacy is considered and harmonized in a unique and coherent concept between Italian style and Middle Eastern taste.
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